Founded on Gold Coast, Australia, Koffeok Pty LTD provides specialty coffee to curious individuals. We love coffee and especially a perfect espresso. Our brand “Got Shot espresso” brings the finest coffee from around the world and delivers it with maximum freshness and convenience to customers. With a global coffee renaissance that says no to ordinary coffee, our espressos entice the senses by encapsulating the freshness and aroma of the finest beans into our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.


Fresh coffee taste better. We roast right before shipping, so that you get the freshest single-serve compatible coffee pods in the world.


Koffeok Pty Ltd works with one of nature’s most precious gifts – the coffee beans – and it is particularly proud of this. We make the best beans in exquisite blends. A lot of craftsmanship goes into our work – a combination that guarantees the highest quality.


“Got Shot espresso” capsules produced by Koffeok Pty Ltd are economical and a great tasting alternative to Nespresso coffee capsules. It’s clean and easy to drop a Got Shot capsule into your Nespresso coffee machine to enjoy fresh coffee right away. No mess and hassle free.

All of our coffee are harvested at the peak of their flavor. Our roasting techniques are designed to enhance the location, elevations, soils and climate that give each coffee a unique individuality.