Tips for brewing a perfect cup of coffee

Our capsules are designed for a short extraction. To enjoy them fully please use the Ristretto setting on your machine. Below are our recommendations for a perfect cup of coffee:

Espresso: use one capsule and Ristretto setting (25-30 ml of water) for short espresso, Espresso setting (35-40 ml of water) for long (lungo) espresso.

Macchiato: use one capsule and Ristretto setting (25-30 ml of water) with a dollop of froth.

Latte / Cappuccino: use one capsule and Ristretto setting (25-30 ml of water) with 95 ml of milk.

Flat White: use two capsules and Ristretto setting (25-30 ml of water, 50-60 ml in total) with 95 ml of milk

Long black / Americano: use two capsules and Ristretto setting (25-30 ml of water, 50-60 ml in total)

Large Coffee: use three capsules and Ristretto setting (25-30 ml of water, 75-90 ml in total) with 210 ml of milk

What does roasted-to-order mean?

The most important factor in the quality of coffee is the freshness of the roast. Our coffee is roasted and packed shortly before shipping. This ensures that you can taste the most flavorful and delicious coffee that our beans can offer.

How about compatibility? In which Nespresso®* machines can I use Got Shot espresso pods?

Got Shot espresso capsules are compatible with the Nespresso®* system for private households. We have tested the capsules in all of the machines currently on sale as well as in a large number of early models. More information on compatible Nespresso®* machines here.

Unlike other products, Got Shot espresso capsules are not packed in small sachets. Each box contains twelve capsules without any further packaging. So how do the capsules stay fresh?

For Got Shot espresso capsules we use a special food grade high-tech synthetic material for the capsule’s outer casing with aluminium for the lid. Both materials keep out light and oxygen from the air – elements that would otherwise compromise the coffee’s freshness – preserving the coffee’s precious flavour and aroma.

How much is the shipping cost?

We charge a simple flat rate of $9.00 per order, and if you purchase $50.00 or more per order you will get free shipping. All subscriptions come with a free shipping.

All orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. Delivery from dispatch 1 – 3  business days for metro, 3 – 5 business days for regional and 5 – 7 business days for Western Australia. Please allow more time for rural areas.

What is your return policy?

Simply email us your order details, and we will send you a prepaid shipping label to return the unused product. Once we receive the return, we will refund you 100% of your order plus any shipping charges you may have paid.

Does a coffee subscription make sense for me?

Our coffee subscription plans help you to avoid the hassle of ordering your coffee every week or month. They allow you to save as well as we offer discounted prices and free shipping on our plans. We also encourage you to place a regular order first and try it before you subscribe.

How do subscription plans work?

When you subscribe, you will receive a shipment from us once a month. You can pause, modify or cancel the subscription at any time. Please note that if you modify your subscription after the shipment has been sent to you, the change will not take place until the following month.

What is the amount of coffee and the caffeine content of Got Shot espresso pods?

All of our capsules for Nespresso contain 5.8 grams of coffee. On average, the caffeine content is 60-70 mg per capsule, except for decaf, which contains about 1 mg of caffeine.

Will you introduce further varieties of Got Shot espresso capsules?

The four products currently available will soon be followed by further exciting varieties. We are working hard to bring you more class coffee including aromatic single origin coffees from the coffee belt regions.

* Trademark of a third-party company who are not in any way related to Koffeok Pty Ltd.

Any unanswered questions?

Write us an e-mail: hello@gotshot.com.au or ask a question through the form on the right.

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