Coffee Digest #3

More Interesting News and Facts about Coffee   Wired: When Robots Invade the Kitchen Robots are slowly replacing humans in the food industry including coffee preparation. A robot called Gordon built by Mitsubishi is serving espresso drinks in a San Francisco kiosk Cafe X. Even though automation is always criticised, consumers definitely benefit from the cheaper […]

Coffee Digest #2

Recent News in The World of Coffee The Guardian: Chips, Chocolate and Coffee – Our Food Crops Face Mass Extinction Too Another alarming article about the effect of global warming. According to the article, across the world, 940 cultivated plant species are currently threatened. That leads to the loss of agrobiodiversity that can be a source of not only […]

You’re drinking coffee all wrong: The secret to maximizing your caffeine buzz

The secret to maximizing your caffeine buzz It’s Monday, 8 o’clock in the morning. It was a late night and you have a 9am meeting. Coffee! You need coffee. You drag yourself out of bed. Grind the beans. The aroma, as it wafts up, makes you happy and wakes you up just a little bit […]

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